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Botswana Safari Holidays

Botswana is Africa's most exclusive safari holiday destination for good reason. Almost 30% of Botswana's land is a protected area and the country's commitment to its wildlife is unsurpassed. With an enduring democracy, conservation minded president and careful considered development, Botswana is home to some of the world's most endangered species of large mammals, such as cheetah, white and black rhinoceros, African wild dog and striking black maned lions. For those lucky few some people may also see more unusual species such as the elusive aardvark, brown hyena and aardwolf.

Why Natural World Safaris for your Botswana safari?

Natural World Safaris has a long-established pedigree in Africa, starting in 2005 after our CEO and Founder Will Bolsover had spent many years guiding on the continent. We maintain close relationships with our partners on the ground, from lodge owners to frontline conservationists, affording our clients access and opportunities that nobody else can match. When you share with us your interests, we'll match you to in-country specialists and experts for in-depth insights and fascinating campfire conversations.

Wildlife remains our primary focus and we ensure accommodation is carefully selected as the very best places to stay for front-row wildlife spectacles for the time of the year you are travelling. Safaris are meticulously planned to be seamless in terms of quality and service, with private transfers available throughout. We want you to experience wild Africa at its very best, listening out at night for the saw-like grunt of a leopard, or the deep bone trembling roar of lions and exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

How much does Botswana cost?

Botswana has adopted a conservation strategy based on high-end, low-volume tourism, which means it's free of crowds and large resorts; camps and lodges are small and intimate and the wildlife areas truly unspoilt and exclusive. This obviously comes at a price; we recommend a starting price of £7000 per person. If you are looking to stay in some of Botswana's most iconic and best loved camps and lodges you'll need to increase the budget to £15000 per person, while £30000 per person will allow for private transfers and vehicles, and a few extra surprises along the way! A bespoke Botswana safari holiday really is one of the most luxurious experience on offer.

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The Botswana Safari Experience

Botswana is an exclusive destination and many of the camps and lodges are situated on private concessions affording the opportunity to the explore in a number of different ways.

You may wish to include the following in your Botswana itinerary:

  • Take to the skies by helicopter to appreciate the sheer diversity of the country. We suggest a 60-minute helicopter flight over the remote islands of the northern Okovango Delta.
  • Explore the waterways in a mokoro, a traditional wooden, dug-out canoe and glide silently through the Okavango Delta and Linyanti regions for eye-level wildlife encounters.
  • Conservation - Learn about conservation work in Botswana with world-renowned researchers. Experience the spectacular migration of zebra and wildebeest, the second biggest in Africa Explore the Kalahari on foot alongside authentic Zu/’hoasi Bushmen

Where to stay in Botswana?

As one of the most renowned safari destinations on the African continent, the question of which are the best Botswana safari camps is rather pertinent. This also raises the question of what "best" means: is this the most exclusive, the most scenically located, the best for wildlife-viewing, the best for families, the best for honeymooners. Discover our top 10 places to stay in Botswana.

When to go to Botswana?

The best time to visit Botswana is during the dry season between May and October when game viewing is at its peak and the weather is generally dry and cooler. Wildlife congregates around water sources, making it easier to spot during game drives. The Okavango Delta is at its peak water levels during the dry season, offering excellent opportunities for water-based activities. Read more on when to visit Botswana.

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Botswana Safari Holidays FAQs

Is Botswana Safe for Travelers?

Botswana is widely acknowledged as a secure and hospitable destination for tourists. With its stable political climate, low crime rate, and commitment to animal conservation, it offers travelers a safe and rewarding experience. This serene southern African country boasts breathtaking landscapes like the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park, where visitors can explore diverse flora and fauna with the guidance of knowledgeable safari operators. Local communities warmly embrace tourists, encouraging cultural exchanges and enhancing overall safety. However, it is always wise to stay informed about any travel advisories and to take standard safety precautions while relishing Botswana's natural splendor and friendly hospitality.Can I drink tap water in Botswana?

Can you drink tap water?

In short, no. Make sure you avoid drinking tap water in Botswana, it is not safe to drink. In urban areas the water is chlorinated and local people may drink it, however we very strongly advise you drink bottled water at all times. Water outside of the urban areas is contaminated. Ensure that ice cubes, drinking water and even the water for brushing your teeth is bottled. During your safari, bottled water is readily available.

Do I need vaccinations or malaria tablets?

We always recommend you speak to your doctor or a health professional about vaccinations and malaria tablets well in advance of your safari. There are specialist travel clinics that are trained in the area, and they can keep you up to date with the current advice as it often changes. At present, certain areas of Botswana are affected by malaria. For up to date information, please head to one of the following sites:

What languages are spoken in Botswana?

The official language of Botswana is English, yet most of the population also speak Setswana as well. Conversing with the locals is easily and happily done in English, your game drives and other activities will be conducted in the English too. If you need your guide to speak a language other than English, it is worth contacting us to see what we can do to help.

How do I get around in Botswana?

Travel in Botswana can be done in many ways; including combining game drives and small charter flights. The only way to reach a majority of the camps in areas such as Chobe, Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari and the Moremi Reserve is by private charter flight. Many accommodations have private landing strips on location, or just a short game drive away. Scheduled light aircraft depart from Maun and Kasane, handling all inter-camp transfers as well. These flights give you an incredible perspective on Botswana’s beautifully diverse landscapes, saves a lot of time, and can be quite a thrill.

Light aircraft usually have a luggage restriction of 15kg. Bags must be in soft, squash-able bags so they can be easily handled and fit into the aircraft. You are also allowed 5kg of hand luggage.

Is Botswana good for families?

A Botswana safari here can be educational, inspiring and just amazing fun for all the family; however as a truly wild destination, many camps are unfenced. Children need to be of an age where they can be trusted not to run around outside alone, or at night. Our recommended age for children on safari in Botswana is 12, however there are lodges that specifically cater for families under this age - these lodges can provide you with a private vehicle, usually at extra cost. We are happy to advise you on what could be best for your family, as we know every single family is unique.