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Asia Safari

Explore the backwaters of Kerala, track tigers in the wilds of Kanha, bathe in the sunset glow of the revered Taj Mahal, cruise along the wildlife oasis of the Kinabatangan River, or venture into the Himalayan Mountains in pursuit of the elusive Snow Leopard. To highlight just several of the interests of this incredibly vast area seems unjust; there are countless more to explore and absorb, warranting more than one trip alone.

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Asian Encounters

Track Bengal Tigers in the open plains and sal forests of Bandhavgarh and the green meadows, valleys and bamboo forests of Kanha in India. Leopard, bison and hyena also roam freely here alongside over 200 bird species. In Sri Lanka, Yala is a fantastic place to track Asian Leopards, whilst some of the world’s best whale and dolphin watching sightings also exist off the coastlines of Kalpitiya and Mirissa.

In Borneo, from riverbanks to jungles and caves you can find some of the Asian continent’s best wildlife, including gibbons, orangutans, clouded leopards, pygmy elephants and proboscis monkeys, whilst Indonesia is also rich in biodiversity, with Komodo dragons, elephant encounters and abundant marine life.

Asia Safaris

Intrepid jungles, pristine beaches and wild rivers; Asia is home to some wonderful experiences and some very unique wildlife. Both India and Sri Lanka have an impressive quota of reserves and parks which are home to a variety of diverse environments where wildlife thrives and accompanied by expert local guides, you can enjoy safaris scouting wildlife safaris.

At times chaotic, but always fascinating, this vast region teems with a varied cross-section of life. A place where the legacies of ancient civilisations and forgotten fortresses contrast with fast-paced cities in pursuit of growth, your experiences in the Indian Subcontinent will stay with you forever. Explore the backwaters of Kerala, track tigers in the wilds of Kanha, bathe in the sunset glow of the revered Taj Mahal, track Asian leopards in Yala National Park or venture into the Himalayan Mountains in pursuit of the elusive Snow Leopard.

Just like the delicious cuisine for which they are renowned, Asia is tantalising melting pot of contrasting flavours, sights and smells. Gleaming skyscrapers jostle for supremacy against ancient empires and relics, mist-shrouded mountain ranges backdrop pristine white sand beaches and genuinely welcoming people with smiling faces warm the soul.

Culturally and spiritually, Asia is immeasurably vast and alive with sights and sounds. The mix of ethnic groups bequeaths a rich tapestry of heritages and religions, which include Hindu, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Sikhism. India is arguably the world’s most multi-faceted country, with everything from opulent marble palaces to shantytowns, which can be a confounding for the traveller. Nonetheless, cultural celebrations are enjoyed with gusto, bustling bazaars filled with spices are a feast for the senses and rural life has never been so laid bare, creating a spellbinding insight into an otherworldly life that is a far cry from home. Sri Lanka is a tropical blend of natural highlights, wildlife reserves and beach idylls, with an equalling beguiling mix of religions and cultures but, some would say, slightly more sedate than India.

The Buddhist, Taoist and Confucianist religious principles of balance, loyalty, happiness and prosperity, are followed with deep faith and this is evident in many of the people you will encounter and their lively religious celebrations. The cuisine of the Far East is also infused with similar vigour and enthusiasm, using spices such as galangal, coriander, lemongrass, chilli, cumin and cinnamon. It is such a celebrated cuisine that some would argue it is an attraction in its own right. Curries and seafood dishes, soups, dumplings, satay and salads – the array of food, from a la carte to hawker centre, is simply sensational.