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Encounters with Bears

Before Natural World Safaris, the brand was split into three, including World Bear Safaris. We have kept all of our specialist knowledge from our World Bear Safari days and continue to design journeys into the natural world to see these magnificent creatures in the wild, including the King of the Arctic, the Polar Bear. We are also experienced specialists in grizzly bear watching safaris, spirit bear holidays and sun bear safaris.

Experiencing bears in the wild is always an exhilarating and awe-inspiring experience, whether you are traversing the icy Arctic on a polar bear safari or tracking through lush forests to watch grizzlies fishing for spawning salmon. Natural World Safaris will put you in the right place at the right time for the best possible bear watching experience, ensuring you have a trip of a lifetime.

Sl Kamchatka Brown Bear Andrew James
POL Sl Nws Svalbard Aug Polar Bear Credit Chase Teron


Working closely with conservationists, we can offer the change to join habituation safaris and more. Our exclusive network on the ground links us to all the best lodges in the region and we are often able to add that little NWS twist to your trip, transforming it into something really special.

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Bear Safaris

Polar Bears: Polar bears are extremely intelligent; having adapted behaviour for catching seals and smashing open ice blocks to remove frozen fish. They have even been observed piling up plastic piping just to knock it down later for the fun of it. Contrary to popular belief, polar bears have never been seen covering their nose whilst stalking prey.

Grizzly Bears: Grizzly bears are a subspecies of brown bear, living in western North America and Canada in a variety of landscapes, such as boreal forests, alpine forests and meadows. With similar colourings, grizzlies are distinguishable from black bear by the distinctive hump on their shoulders. Males have been reportedly weighed at 680 kilos, although they are usually between 180 and 360 kilos and females can be half the size.

Sun Bears: Named after the crest on their chests, sun bears are the smallest of the bear species and are totally unique in that as well as being adapted to jungle living, they are completely tree-dwelling. These bears are so rarely seen in the wild, that little is known about exactly how many are left in the wild, but we do know they are drastically decreasing along with their habitat.

Spirit Bears: Bright white against the dense green forests on the coast of British Columbia, these ‘spirit’ bears are a sight to behold. Watching these beautiful creatures swiping fish from spawning streams with their strong jaws and claws is an incredible sight, and in fact, spirit bears appear more successful than the blacks at this - perhaps owing to their colour being less obvious to the fish below the water.

Sloth Bears: Compared to the brown and black bears found throughout Eurasia and North America, sloth bears are lankier, shaggier and can be easily identified by their fluffy mane as well as their long, sickle-like claws and elongated lower lip, which they use to hunt for insects. They have a keen sense of smell, as well as near-sight similar to that of humans.