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No holds barred. The best of the best. Portfolio by Natural World Safaris is the ultimate in high-class travel. Portfolio provides the client with the best in travel with money being no object. Portfolio accesses super yachts, world class specialists, uniquely remote adventure and unheard-of access.

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Why choose a portfolio expedition?

Portfolio is a highly individual service that is owner managed and client-led. From the best accommodation available to the most exclusive and remotest wildlife experience. Portfolio is for those who want the best of the best and using our travel expertise we can curarte this especially for you.

Our Portfolio Service

Ultimate Floe Edge


This adventure offers you the opportunity to travel to some of the most remote, unexplored and beautiful regions of the Arctic, while camping in luxury in tailor-made safari camps on floating sea ice and enjoying gourmet meals prepared specially by professional chefs using locally-sourced delicacies.

Witness spectacular wildlife sightings, including majestic polar bears, tusked narwhals and migrating whale pods, set against a dramatic backdrop of mountains, icebergs and electric blue pack ice formations. Charter a private helicopter to take you to pristine locations where no human has set foot before, become one of the few people in the world who have hot air ballooned over the Arctic, and kayak alongside beluga whales at the floe edge.

Every day on this safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; from snowmobiling across the Arctic with experienced Inuit guides, to viewing fascinating ice formations and unique wildlife while floating through the air in a private hot air balloon.

Beauty of Desolation Sound


Travel to Canada’s beautiful Desolation Sound on board the Pacific Yellowfin private charter to explore this stunning region in search of unique wildlife and pristine landscapes while enjoying adventurous activities along the way. Tailor made to your group’s personal preferences, this expedition allows you complete freedom to have an unparalleled experience in this magnificent region with no holds barred.

Fly in via helicopter to witness the pristine landscapes from above, before embarking on your journey aboard the Pacific Yellowfin. This luxurious yacht comprises just four cabins for an intimate experience while having enough on-board amenities to keep the whole group entertained. From an on-board hot tub and a whole host of water sports equipment, to off-road motorbikes and even a helicopter on standby for excursions by air, you will be able to fully enjoy all that Desolation Sound has to offer.

The wildlife viewing in this region is spectacular, with grizzlies and black bears as well as a plethora of whale species that you can encounter directly from your yacht. With a helicopter on standby you will be able to head out at a moment’s notice to be in the right place at the right time for the best wildlife experiences. In addition to wildlife, there are a number of other once-in-a-lifetime experiences to enjoy, from cultural activities, to secret natural world sights and harvesting your own seafood for the freshest dinner you can imagine!

Emperor Penguins & South Pole


A real once in a lifetime opportunity to stay on the world’s seventh continent in luxury. Staying at the sublime Whichaway Camp, enjoy sublime comfort in generously sized sleeping pods, and beautiful public areas. Access is via a small plane, on which you may be joined by researchers and those working at the science bases.

This safari does not skimp on activities, try kite-surfing on the ice around camp, explore ice caves and climb mountains. This is a sublime adventure for wildlife aficionados, thrill seekers, and those who have the money to spend on a unique safari to Antarctica.


  • Be one of the special few to see emperor penguins Emperor penguins cannot be seen on the normal Antarctica safaris, it takes specialist expertise and equipment to get you to the right place at the right time to see these magnificent penguins, which can stand at well over a metre in height.
  • Camp out at the South Pole Not only will you get to see and experience the South Pole, but you can also camp there for the night, a very unique thrill.
  • Stay in Luxury Whichway Camp offers luxurious facilities for its guests, especially fascinating when you consider where it is. Stay in your own en-suite sleeping 'pod', relax with sumptuous cuisine, and take some time out in the public areas to just absorb where you are, surrounded by snuggly furs.
  • Experience a huge range of activities From exploring ice caves and rock climbing, to trying kite-surfing at camp, or relaxed picnics out in the icy wild. No matter how active you plan to be, your whims can be catered for.