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Journey to Nature's Edge

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Journey to Natures Edge

Journey to Nature’s Edge is precisely that, a journey to experience and witness first-hand 18 of the world’s most vulnerable species. This million dollar, philanthropic safari takes you to no less than 12 locations worldwide; from the Americas, to Africa, Asia, the Arctic and even Antarctica. Whilst there, you spend as much time as possible in the right place, at just the right time to be in with the best chances of seeing some of the most magnificent wildlife on the face of the planet.

Witness the endearing mountain gorillas of Rwanda, the endemic lemurs in Madagascar, wild dogs in Africa, and the magnificent Bengal tiger.

You can travel for the entire time at once, or break it up over a period of time of your choosing. Natural World Safaris’ Founder will be your guide, working alongside the local guides on the ground to ensure you get the very best experience, from transfers and accommodation, to the wildlife focus and more.

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What makes this trip extraordinary?

From game drives and walks in Africa, to helicopters and bi-planes. Kayak icy waters, embark on wildlife treks, explore sand dunes, and delve in to the crystal waters of the Galapagos Islands where you can even swim with the wildlife!

Conservation at the Heart

A percentage of the safari cost goes towards conserving the featured wildlife species.

The Best Lodges

We have hand selected each lodge for its proximity to wildlife, as well as amenities. Some are super-luxurious with pools, others in the heart of the jungle, and there is even camping in Antarctica.

Ultimate Wildlife Experiences

You will be in the best place at the right time to see 18 of the world’s most vulnerable species, including northern white rhino, mountain gorilla, chimpanzees, black and white ruffed lemur, African wild dog, black rhino, penguins, Bengal tiger, snow leopards, green sea turtle, orangutan, sun bear, pygmy elephant, hawksbill turtle, giant tortoise, waved albatross, jaguar and the polar bear.