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Big Cats


Encounters with our favourite felines

Before Natural World Safaris, the brand was split into three, including World Big Cat Safaris. We have kept all of our specialist knowledge from our World Big Cat Safari days and continue to design journeys into the natural world to see these magnificent creatures in the wild.

We specialise in seeing big cats across the globe, from the majestic Bengal tigers and snow leopards in India, to the lion, cheetah and leopards of Africa, and the elusive jaguars of Brazil. We aim to put you in the right place at the right time to maximise your viewing of these beautiful big cats and have provided select information on some of the species just to whet your appetite for your perfect big cat adventure. Please remember that a percentage of each safari sold goes towards the conservation of the big cats in the destination of choice.



Why NWS?

Working closely with conservationists, we can offer the change to join habituation safaris and more. Our exclusive network on the ground links us to all the best lodges in the region and we are often able to add that little NWS twist to your trip, transforming it into something really special.

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World Big Cats

  1. African Leopard: Found in parks and reserves throughout sub-Saharan Africa, leopards inhabit rocky bush terrain and riverine forests but have been known to adapt to a wide range of habitats.
  2. African Lion: The true icon of Africa’s Big Five, the African lion is the symbol of strength and power and is the epitome of any safari to wild Africa.
  3. Asian Leopard: One of the most widespread carnivore species in Asia. They are known for their gorgeous spotted coats and their contributions to the Bengal cat breed.
  4. Bengal Tiger: The largest of the big cats, the Bengal tiger reaches four metres in length and weighs in at around 300 kilograms. Home to 80% of the world’s tiger population and over 50 designation Tiger Reserves, India is the best place to see tigers with around 3,000 tigers.
  5. Cheetah: Staying in the heart of big cat country, a haven for cheetah, you encounter them out on the vast plains. Often perched on rocks for panoramic views of potential prey, or if you’re lucky, you might see them break out into a wild, fast chase to catch impala.
  6. Clouded Leopard: A wild cat inhabiting dense forests from the foothills of the Himalayas through mainland Southeast Asia into South China. The clouded leopard has large dusky-grey blotches and irregular spots and stripes reminiscent of clouds.
  7. Jaguar: These big cats, the largest found in the Americas, can be spotted resting in the shadows of trees, or even swimming or playing in the wild waters of the Amazon or the Pantanal in Brazil.
  8. Puma: Wild Patagonia in the heart of winter; snow tops the surrounding mountains and the air is cold. Winter is the best time to see these elusive cats, they stay lower which makes them more accessible, and as a bonus the park is quieter.
  9. Siberian Tiger: Striking orange and black stripes on white, the Siberian tiger is most easily seen during winter in far east Russia; when the ground is covered in thick snow, the trees delicately balancing bright powder on thin branches.
  10. Snow Leopard One of the world’s most elusive big cats, watching through a spotting scope to observe the elegant movements of this wild animal.