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About Expeditions for Change

Conservation has always been a topic tied closely to Natural World Safaris. Two decades ago, our Founder & CEO Will Bolsover assisted in the establishment of the first ever gorilla safaris in Gabon, working with Emmanuel de Merode, today Director of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Will has also had the privilege to guide trips in Rwanda, Uganda, the Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. Gorilla tourism has gone on to become a well-cited conservation success story that we are proud to be part of.

At NWS we understand that we are at a critical point in our history, a precipice of habitat destruction and mass extinction. We want to make a difference in the best way we know how: travel.

The changing landscape of travel is increasingly under the microscope for its environmental impact. Expeditions for Change aims to address the growing call for journeys that have a positive impact across multiple levels. These expeditions are a new way for conservation and tourism to connect, to contribute financially to a cause, while creating ambassadors who have seen and learnt first-hand the often alarming issues we hope to address.

Join us and be part of the change in these ambitious and uniquely different projects.

The world is at a critical point in history, with the scale of the issues the natural world is facing seemingly overwhelming to comprehend. The question is left – how can one person make a difference? The answer: individuals can together create ripples which may end up spreading around the world. Travel broadens our horizons and inspires us to care. We truly believe we can make a difference, one project at a time, through the launch of Expeditions for Change.

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Why Expeditions for Change?

“Since Natural World Safaris launched in 2005, we have looked for ways in which we can better support frontline conservation. Travel companies are not perfect models for conservation, yet we can do our utmost to help those who are making a difference. Through these small increments we can find the balance of effective conservation travel that benefits communities, wildlife and the environments we all strive to protect. While awareness of the issues facing the natural world is at an all-time high, action is yet to follow through on the scale it needs to. We must all realise that the time for change is now.”

– Will Bolsover, Founder & CEO of Natural World Safaris

Purpose: Making a Genuine Difference

With nearly two decades’ experience in creating highly bespoke, connected, immersive experiences in the natural world, NWS have taken the considered step to invest further in conservation with the launch of Expeditions for Change. These inspirational fund-raising programmes, are carefully co-curated with our partners to provide the best hands-on access to conservation projects.

Expeditions for Change opens up a new channel of philanthropic experience, speaking to luxury travellers’ growing demand to ‘travel with a purpose’. Although many of us are passionate about the natural world, the scale of the challenges facing our planet’s endangered wildlife and delicately balanced ecosystems can be overwhelming to comprehend, let alone tackle. How can the efforts of just one person make a difference? If you’re in need of inspiration, look no further than 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who has united over 1.4 million children in a grassroots campaign to tackle climate change. She is fast becoming a voice for the next generation of conservationists, and is a fine example that one person can create a ripple effect that leads to true change.

With a collective consciousness growing around wildlife and heritage conservation across the globe and travellers seeking ways to ‘give back’ beyond their paid dollars, Natural World Safaris are responding to this urgent need for the tourism industry to play a greater role in sustainable conservation and community upliftment. We know that safari-goers increasingly desire to take a more involved, hands-on approach to the authentic wildlife experiences located in the world’s great natural ecosystems.

To this end, we are offering the opportunity to assist with the translocation of animals and anti-poaching activities; to participate in programmes in action; and to enjoy cultural interactions where travellers will be able to meet locals, and learn about their lifestyles and hardships.This form of engaged travel can raise awareness, fund critical projects or present viable livelihood alternatives to hunting and poaching, allowing communities to experience immediate benefits that will motivate them to preserve these undisturbed natural resources because of the income they can generate.

Limited to just 8 - 12 guests, EFC departures will take travellers across the globe to see first-hand what is being done to stem the tide of natural world degeneration. Whether it’s collaring elephants in the forests of Myanmar, working on the ground with NWS conservation partners African Parks, or witnessing the effects of climate change in the Arctic with polar explorer Martin Hartley, these trips provide unique insider access to frontline conservation work. In addition, critical funding for each project partner will be raised via a ‘donation’ cost built into the safari fee.

These expedition-style trips have been carefully curated with an educational slant, meaning you’ll return from your safari with a greater knowledge of the issues at hand while having also experienced a true sense of adventure. We believe well-crafted trips cultivate connection, spontaneity, and perspective. The ability for participants to stay involved philanthropically with the region they have visited after the trip is a cornerstone of Expeditions for Change. This is where tourism and conservation converge, helping to inspire, engage, and immerse guests in the natural world.

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